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RotoRise Rotating Chair Bed with Stand Assist

RotoRise Rotating Sit to Stand Bed Flat
RotoRise Rotating Sit to Stand Rails Up
RotoRise Rotating Sit to Stand Bed Hand Raisl
RotoRise Rotating Sit to Stand Bed Profiled
RotoRise Rotating Sit to Stand Bed Rotated
RotoRise Rotating Sit to Stand Bed Tilted
RotoRise Rotating Sit to Stand Bed Raised Up

Electrically powered Rotorise rotating chair bed with stand assist

The RotoRise rotating sit to stand chair bed is an electrically operated profiling care bed with the added rotating function with standing assist. This is bed is an ideal choice for someone who is weight bearing but struggles to transfer unassisted from standing to sitting. The bed is an excellent product for those wanting increased mobility and greater independence.

A Unique homecare bed that rotates in to a chair like seated position with the added benefit of tilting to allow transfer to standing

This bed offers all the functions of a standard homecare bed with electric adjustable height, back rest, leg rest and knee break. It then has a unique set of functions that allows the bed to rotate into a chair like seated position and tilt to allow you to transfer between standing and sitting. The rotating function of the bed can be set up to allow transfer from either the left or right-hand side.

An affordable and cost-effective rotating chair bed for the home, hospital, residential and nursing environments

The RotoRise rotating chair bed is a more affordable option and is excellent value for money compared to some other chair beds on the market today. It offers the most cost-effective option for home care, nursing and residential environments. This adjustable bed comes with a “Very high risk” mattress with a multi stretch, vapour permeable, high frequency welded cover offering the user pressure relief and comfort with ease of cleaning.


RotaRise Bed Inc. Basic Mattress

Week 1 £225.00 (£270.00 Inc. VAT)
Week 2 - 12 £110.00 (£132.00 Inc. VAT)
Week 13+ £55.00 (£66.00 Inc. VAT)
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Delivery Costs Order Purchase Bed Extras
Bed Options
Item (if available) Week 1 Week 2-12 Week 13+
Overbed Table £15.00 £5.00 £2.00


New Fleet
1st Payment £750.00 (£900.00 Inc. VAT) £0.00 (£0.00 Inc. VAT)
Per Month (£) £173.33 (£208.00 Inc. VAT) £0.00 (£0.00 Inc. VAT)
Per Week (£) £40.00 (£48.00 Inc. VAT) £0.00 (£0.00 Inc. VAT)
Length (Months) 12 12
  • Electrically operated backrest, knee break, height, rotate and tilt
  • Angle of back rest: 70° - Angle of thigh rest: 35
  • Mattress platform dimensions: 210cm x 90cm
  • Aluminium side rails (meet clause of IEC 60601-2-52)
  • Hand rails to further aid transfer onto and off the bed 
  • Double Remote hand controls
  • Individually lockable PVC twin castors (castor diameter: 10cm)
  • Profiled bed rotates through 90° to become chair
  • Chair tilts forwards to aid transfer between sitting and standing
  • Easy clean, low maintenance
  • One button auto-contour and rotate
  • Safety feature will not allow bed to tilt unless fully rotated
  • Auto-regression function
  • Weight limit 180kg (28 stone)
  • 48cm to 88cm height variation
  • Trendelenburg tilt: 10.8° - Anti-Trendelenburg tilt: 10.5°
  • Can be set up to rotate either to the left or to the right
  • Comes complete with Very High-Risk foam mattress
Weight capacity: 180kg (28st)
Overall length: 235cm (89")
Overall width: 105cm (41.5")
Mattress Platform Length 210cm (82.6")
Mattress Platform width 90cm (35.5")
Max. Height Position 88cm (34.6")
Lowest. Height Position 48cm (18.8")
Headboard Height from mattress platform 41cm (16.1")
Warranty: 5 years on metal work and 5 years electrical actuator

Please try and allow 7 days for delivery. We will always try and meet faster delivery times. When placing an order, this confirms that you have read and accept these delivery terms and conditions. Please note that at the end of the short term hire, the hire will only conclude 2 working days following notice, allowing us time to collect.


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