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  • Mobility Scooter Hire

    Folding mobility scooters are cleverly designed to fold down in one easy to handle piece, making transportation and storage simple. Each folding scooter has Lithium batteries making them safe for air travel and offering an increased range over the traditional smaller AGM batteries.

    Folding Mobility Scooter
  • Micro Boot Mobility Scooter Hire

    Boots scooters offer affordable mobility for those needing to travel short journeys outdoors or wanting something easily transportable. The boot scooters are compact in size and can be easily dismantled into several pieces for putting into the boot of a car or storing at home. With a top speed of 4mph and no suspension they are ideal for use indoors, on pavements or other flat ground.

    Micro Boot Mobility Scooter
  • 4MPH Mobility Scooter Hire

    Midi 4mph mobility scooters offer the ideal solution for someone wanting to travel on the pavements, into towns and around the shops. These scooters come with advanced features and improved outdoor performance but in a more compact manoeuvrable package.

    4MPH Mobility Scooter Hire
  • 8MPH Mobility Scooter Hire

    Larger 8mph mobility scooters allow people the freedom to travel further, faster and experience top-level performance and comfort on the roads. With all round suspension, full lighting and safety reflectors these scooters offer the driver a versatile independence with ranges often exceeding 15 miles in one battery charge.

    4MPH Mobility Scooter
  • Off Road Mobility Scooter Hire

    Off road mobility scooters are designed to provide mobility off the paved surfaces allowing adventure and independence over rougher terrains. These scooters give you the freedom to do the things you enjoy whether that’s rambling, fishing, shooting or dog walker.

    These scooters are also an extremely robust form of everyday transport with long ranges and a comfortable ride.

Mobility Scooters Hire

We carry a full range of Mobility Scooters for hire including Folding Scooters, Micro Boot Scooters, 4MPH Scooters, 8MPH Scooters and Offroad Heavy Duty Scooters available for rental