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  • Manual Wheelchair Hire

    Our range of adult manual wheelchairs are available with either the larger rear wheel for propelling yourself in the chair or the smaller transit rear wheels for those being pushed in the chair. Most models are available in either option, although self-propelled wheelchairs can also be pushed with the added benefit of the larger wheels making it easier and smother over bumps and kerbs.

    Manual Wheelchair
  • Bariatric Wheelchair Hire

    We offer a range of heavy duty bariatric wheelchairs in larger seat widths ranging from a 20” seat width up to a 30” seat width and sizes in between. These folding chairs are designed and engineered to meet rigorous safety standards and offer some adjustment options to meet the user’s specific needs.

    Bariatric Wheelchair
  • Sports Active

    The active sports wheelchairs are lightweight compact wheelchairs for those wishing to maintain an active independent lifestyle. These chairs are high manoeuvrable and offer the user full control, with a variety of sizes available to ensure optimum comfort and control.

    Sports Active Wheelchair
  • Paediatric Wheelchair Hire

    Our range of paediatric wheelchairs and buggies are designed with children in mind. They are simple to use helping to maintain independence, lightweight and the majority folding for easy transportation and storage. With options available such as elevating legrests for those unable to bend their leg at the knee we can find a model to suit most children’s needs.

    Paediatric Wheelchair
  • Tilt In Space Wheelchair Hire

    The multifunction reclining tilt in space wheelchairs are designed to be supportive and offer pressure care for the occupant. These chairs offer a full range of movements with reclining back, tilt in space, elevating legrests and height adjustable arms. As well as being sized to the user these offer options such as thoracic pads and abduction wedge for additional support and comfort.

    Tilt In Space Wheelchair
  • Walking AIds Hire

    Our range of walking aids offer the perfect solution for those who are still mobile and not wanting to use a wheelchair but requiring a bit of extra assistance to get around. With rollators, walker wheelchairs and knee scooters there will be something to suit most needs.

    >Walking Aids

Wheelchair Hire

We carry a full range of wheelchairs for hire including Bariatric Wheelchairs, Active Sports Wheelchairs, Paediatric Wheelchairs, Reclining Tilt In Space Wheelchairs and other mobility aids available for rental