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  • Patient Hoist

    Our patient hoists are a simple lifting solution for home or hospital in transferring someone from one place to another easily and safely. These hoists are designed to make life easier for both the user and caregiver. We are able to offer a solution that provides for the majority of transfer and manual handling requirements.

    Patient Hoist
  • Standaid

    Our range of Standaids offers a mobile sit-to-stand lifting solution to assist the user when rising from a sitting to standing position. Developed to be gentle as possible and provides support to the user for a safe and secure system with user weights of up to 200kg.

    Patient Hoist
  • Rota Stand

    The Rotastand has been developed to allow a manual assisted transfer from one seated position to another. The compact, folding and lightweight (10kg) nature of the Rotastand makes it ideal for community assessments or those wanting a more independent lifestyle travelling to friends, relatives or out and about.

    Patient Hoist
  • Able Assist

    The folding Able Assist patient transfer aid is a safe and easy solution for transferring users from room to room. It enables users to participate in transfers and is ideal for users who can rise from a seated to standing position, helping to improve muscle tone. Similar in design to the Arjo Sara Stedy with the added benefit of folding for easy storage or transportation.

    Patient Hoist

Electric patient hoists and stand aids for hire


We do not supply training on the use of a patient hoist, nor the application of a sling. While a user manual is provided with the hoist, it is anticipated that you provide your own sling. If you have not used a hoist, or have any concern in their application then you should not hire this device.